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My pet is lost, what should I do?

A pet going missing is one of the worst things we can go through as pet-owners, as it is often an experience filled with worry, uncertainty and panic. At Blacks, we do our utmost to help owners find their lost pets and have strict procedures in place – for all stray pets brought to us. These procedures have been checked according to the guidance issued by the RCVS and the RSPCA to help us take appropriate care of any stray pets we have in while they wait to be reunited with their family.

  • Contact one of our branches. Try to include where and when they went missing or were last seen, if they were wearing a collar, if they are micro-chipped with up-to-date details and a thorough description of their appearance – including a photo is recommended. We will then be aware your pet is missing and can help keep an eye out for you.
  • If your pet is micro-chipped, contact the micro-chipping company to make them aware too. If any vet practices search for the micro-chip number, the company will then be notified too.
  • Other societies that we work with include K9 Search and Cat Alert who have great websites and Facebook pages to help reunite lost pets; contact the suitable page with your lost pet’s details to help reach many more potential finders.
  • Have a read of our Stray Pet procedures; Blacks Vets Stray Dog Policy and Blacks Vets Stray Cat Policy so you are familiar with what may happen if your pet is brought to us as a stray by a member of the public. These policies are full of useful phone numbers too.
  • And remember to stay hopeful, though we share the experience of losing a pet with many of our clients we also often see the wonderful reuniting of lost pets and their families – it can happen quickly or after a long period of time so don’t give up hope.

I’ve found a stray animal, what should I do?

Finding a stray dog, cat, small furry or even wild animal can be an unnerving situation for anyone and it can feel even more stressful if they are unwell or injured. You can rest assured that, at Blacks, we always have the welfare of the animal at our heart and will assess their needs as well as our ability to provide them suitable accommodation and care.

  • If you have found a stray animal and are unsure what to do, call the RSPCA first and they will guide you to the suitable next steps for that particular animal. If they require you to bring the animal to us then they will give you a Log Number to bring too. You can also call your local Council, who may be able to send their Dog Warden to collect a stray dog.
  • We follow strict procedures – for all stray pets brought to us. These procedures have been checked according to the guidance issued by the RCVS and the RSPCA, please feel free to have a read of them here Blacks Vets Stray Dog Policy and Blacks Vets Stray Cat Policy. These policies are full of useful phone numbers too.

The importance of Microchipping

We recommend microchipping for most pets as this is the best way to ensure a lost pet is reunited with their owner as quickly as possible. Once inserted, a microchip lasts for life and so does the registration of your owner details. However, it is very important that you keep these details up to date! Find out more about microchipping your pet here. Did you know that it is still a legal requirement for dogs to wear an ID tag and collar even if they are microchipped? We can have personalised ID tags made for you – just ask in branch for more details.