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Blacks Vets has five branches across the West Midlands with 11 operating theatres supported by 15 Vets, 6 of which are Certificate holders and Advanced Practitioners. We undergo constant reviews and upgrades to ensure that we maintain the standards you would expect of a modern multi branch veterinary practice with an Accredited Veterinary Hospital. Our leading edge equipment allows fast diagnoses, our specialist operating theatres deliver excellence in treatment and care.

Our combined facilities include:

  • General purpose X ray equipment

  • Digital X ray equipment

  • Dedicated dental X ray unit

  • Ultrasound machine

  • Blood pressure monitor

  • ECG equipment

  • In house laboratory for biochemistry and haematology (blood tests)

  • Incubators for very ill patients

  • Surgical equipment to allow a wide range of soft tissue and orthopaedic work

  • CT Scanner

The X Ray Room

This can be a life saver for very sick pets where reducing time under the anaesthetic is crucial. And, because the quality of the images are so good, it is possible to reach a diagnosis at an earlier stage of an illness.  Here we have the latest DR Digital X ray system which demanded an investment of around £60,000, the most expensive, but the best. This allows us to take X rays and get very high quality images instantly. This is particularly important where a series of images are needed for example looking for lesions in the spine or chest. The images are available on the computer throughout the practice branches and can be sent to anyone for a second pair of eyes if needed, instantly, any time day or night.

The Ultrasound Scanning Room

This is where our Cardiology Certificate holder and Partner Girish Thakral does his Heart Scans. Girish is quite an expert in this field doing more scans than anyone else in the Midlands; identifying accurately abnormalities and allowing the best treatment to be used.  There are many patients in our practice as well as quite a few referred to Girish from other practices that have a much better quality of life as a result of Girish’s scans. This is one of our busiest rooms such is the usefulness of scanning at providing diagnostic answers, particularly in the abdomen and chest. It allows us to identify abnormalities in the liver, kidneys, spleen and bladder at an early stage when problems are still treatable. The scanner we use is the best in the country for cardiology and demanded an investment of a further £60,000 to offering our patients the very best standards of diagnostics that can save and preserve life.

The Operating Theatres

Our theatres allow local pets to have the surgery they need done in Dudley without having to go a long way to a different referral practice. The Dudley Hospital has 4 theatres including a specialist one for dentistry and one for orthopaedic surgery where Surgery Certificate holder and Partner Brian Hogan and Certificate Holder Georgina Mourant conduct involved work such as spinal and knee surgery. By using advanced equipment and the latest techniques, pets are back on their feet enjoying life much quicker than they used to be. We use the best anaesthetics like Sevoflourane and have a qualified veterinary nurse monitoring the patient continually to ensure a quick and pain free recovery.


This allows us to visually identify problems in the stomach and intestines and the nasal chambers and take samples (biopsies) to send to the Lab. Sometimes foreign bodies (balls, stones, socks etc) and small tumours can be removed directly by the endoscope avoiding conventional surgery, which is better for the patient. This is done in the “Prep” room and involves passing fibre optic scopes into the mouth and nose.  To achieve the standards of scope availability and size ranges to suit more patients we invested between £4,000 and £8,000 per scope and we now have 7 in the practice.

The Laboratory

Fast, accurate analysis can mean life or death to a sick patient in the middle of the night.  Our first floor laboratory is available for our patients 24/7 and contains microscopes as well as a Haematology analyser for looking at blood cells and our rather special “wet” Biochemistry analyser for looking at organ function. To achieve faster, more wide ranging and more accurate analysis, required an investment of over £25,000 – the same model is used in NHS hospitals, this can be critical.

The Kennels and Cat Ward

We are very proud of our wards with nice big kennels and cat cages benefiting from underfloor heating. There are plenty of walk-in kennels for larger dogs to be comfortable and there is a pleasant environment for patients and the nurses that care for them. There is piped in Oxygen so animals with breathing difficulties can get extra support, blood pressure monitoring equipment and IV pumps for precise delivery of fluids and drugs to very sick patients.