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  • Blacks Vets in Dudley, Oldbury, Sedgley, Quinton & Lye Stourbridge
  • Blacks Vets in Dudley, Oldbury, Sedgley, Quinton & Lye Stourbridge

Caring for the Black Country’s pet community since 1965, Blacks Vets is a veterinary group with family values very much at its heart. Both passionate and compassionate, our team of highly qualified vets, nurses and client care staff, strive to deliver the very highest standards in veterinary services across the board.

Our network of five practices gives us a unique advantage; we are large enough to provide world-class animal health care with state-of the-art diagnostic equipment and certified expertise, yet small enough to offer the kind of personalised and friendly service that makes such a difference to our clients’ experience.

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We have 5 vet surgery locations throughout the West Midlands region - see below for more detail.

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Why Choose Blacks Vets?

  • Your local Accredited Veterinary Hospital service providing 24/7 365 care and out of hours service – staffed by our own vets & nurses, we NEVER outsource emergency care.

  • 16 highly qualified vets. We have Certificate holders with Advanced Veterinary Practitioner status in small animal surgery, cardiology, internal medicine and dermatology. Knowledge to deal with difficult cases & 2nd opinions.

  • Voted Best UK Vet and Practice of The Year.

  • Local branches at Dudley, Oldbury, Sedgley, Quinton and Lye (Stourbridge).

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What Our Clients Say

"The best decision we ever made"

We were originally a member of the Quinton branch but we moved to Great Barr and transferred away from Blacks. That was a massive mistake. Having tried 3 vets local to us we could not find anything even remotely close to Blacks in terms of ease of use, professionalism, care for our pets and customer service. Rejoining Blacks Oldbury was the best decision we've ever made and we've never looked back. We especially like how Blacks sort out insurance and check in with you in advance of your appointment as a reminder. They also really seem to love animals here so it isn't just a job to them. We recommend it to everyone.

Hollie Chilton
Blacks Vets have always been great with our Golden retriever as he’s had a few illnesses since we have had him
I have been bringing my animals to you for over 25 years, staff and vets are friendly and helpful
Fantastic team of people on all points of contact, advice given when needed and never had a problem contacting the receptionist
We have always received the very best care and attention for our dogs over the years. Everyone at Blacks Vets is very kind and have always looked after both dog and us
You are always very helpful and I have had a big problem recently with my cat, and you were extremely kind and he is much better. Thank you.
This is my 3rd loved family pet registered with Blacks over the past 11 years. 10 out of 10 in all areas including care, efficiency, professionalism, service and communications. Thank you to the Blacks Vets team
Friendly staff, definitely spoil Maisie while she was at the vets

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Tips for walking your dog during summer
12th July 2024

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, but it's important to remember that the warm weather can be just as uncomfortable for our pets. As dog owners, it's our responsibility to ensure they stay safe and stay cool in the warm weather.

Don't let the heat slow you down! With a few essential tips and tricks from Blacks Vets, you can make summer walks enjoyable experiences for you both.

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Tips for clipping your pet's claws
12th July 2024

Keeping your pet's claws trimmed is an essential part of their overall health and wellbeing. Long nails can cause discomfort, make walking difficult and even lead to accidental injuries to both you and your pet.

While clipping your pet's claws might seem daunting at first, with a little practice and the right approach, it can become a quick and stress-free experience for both of you. Here at Blacks Vets, we're dedicated to helping you provide the best care for your pet, therefore, this guide offers some helpful tips and tricks for clipping your pet's claws safely and effectively.

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Allergies in Cats
31st May 2024

The most common allergies in cats

Cats commonly experience four types of allergies: insects (fleas), food allergies, atopic dermatitis (triggered by house dust, pollen, and moulds) and contact allergies. While they exhibit shared physical expressions and signs, each allergy type also presents unique features. If you believe your cat is showing signs of an allergy, then speaking to a vet at Blacks Vets to help you find a solution for making your cat more comfortable and improving their quality of life.

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