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On National Receptionists Day, we feel it is important that we recognise the expertise and achievements of the fantastic and dedicated Blacks Vets reception team (you may know them better as Client and Pet Care Advisors, or CPCAs for short). Across our 5 sites, our 28 CPCAs have over 186 years’ worth of experience between them, and today seems like a great excuse to let you know about their real roles.

It is a common misconception that veterinary receptionists have it easy; you may be thinking that playing with puppies and kittens whilst answering the odd phone call doesn’t sound too bad, but this is only how it works in the movies! Being a Veterinary Receptionist is often challenging – both physically and emotionally, and there’s far more to the role than most people ever consider.

At Blacks Vetsin Dudley, there is no way of knowing what will be on the other end of a ringing phone or what could walk in through the door. From the routine to the downright bizarre, our CPCAs need to be prepared for anything and the pace is fast. On top of being Client and Pet Care Advisors, our team are Emergency-Call Operators, Accountants, Insurance Advisors, Grievance Counsellors, Medication Handlers, Stray-Pet-Wranglers, Technology Wizards, Logistical Coordinators, Waiting-Room-Maintainers, Housekeepers, Health Plan Consultants, and so much more. The breadth of knowledge required is enormous, and we are so proud and lucky to have such a strong and dedicated team to be the face of our business and first port-of-call for our clients.

In an industry chock-full of pets in need of care (the UK has seen a major increase in pet ownership over the last few years because of COVID), demand on Veterinary Receptionists has never been higher. Our CPCAs need to be able to switch between their vast array of responsibilities, including celebrating the joy of new fuzzy arrivals, to saying goodbye to beloved family members. This is a real talent! Our team sincerely care about you and your pets, and the emotions shared with our clients are genuine. We really do get attached to your furry families too, and the highs and lows of our patients’ journeys are felt by us all.

Organisations like the BVRA (British Veterinary Receptionist Association) are helping to improve recognition for Veterinary Receptionists across the country by spreading the word and creating courses for our team to hone and prove their skills. Blacks Vets’ CPCAs Tracy Horton, Penelope Beard and Laura Newell have recently completed their Gold BVRA courses and become Registered Veterinary Receptionists. Hours of hard-work and dedication has resulted in this fantastic accomplishment, and their Blacks Vets family are so proud to celebrate this with them. What an achievement!

Blacks receptionists

Pictured: Tracy Horton RVR, Penelope Beard RVR, and Laura Newell RVR – the first of the Blacks Vets team to achieve Registered Veterinary Receptionist accreditation.

Even though things are heading in the right direction, we'd like the general public to understand more of what it truly means to be a Veterinary Receptionist. We ask for your assistance in helping our fabulous team receive the treatment they deserve by showing them your patience, understanding, and courtesy. Being able to provide our patients and clients with the care they require in their time of need can be extremely rewarding. We’re regularly looking to expand and strengthen our team, and if you think you might have what it takes, please head to our website to find out more about positions we have available.

We asked our Registered Veterinary Receptionists what they love about their job

Tracy Horton RVR  “Each day is extremely varied, working with animals and people alike. From medication, phone calls, insurance, and accounts, to being counsellors - our job is full on but amazing!"

Penelope Beard RVR “I love my job as a veterinary receptionist. No two days are the same, it’s a very rewarding job.”

Laura Newell RVR "Every day is different, but every day is rewarding. Helping pets and their owners always puts a smile on my face.”