The Final Countdown


We can go out and about on the lead from tomorrow! Hooray! We had our second vaccination almost a week ago, and our microchips too. Microchip, vaccinations, 4 weeks insurance, flea worm and mite treatment, two health checks, and a free emergency call out voucher, all for £50 on the Blacks Pet Starter Package! Even if Mom and Dad didn’t work there, we would want to go to the official Best UK Vet for all of that!

We had a few questions about the microchips, so we made sure to ask Dad about it before he chipped us. It is amazing that something so tiny can help keep us safe, and we hardly noticed it at all! Now we will not break the law next month… although meeting police in uniform is on our socialisation list for before we are 16 weeks old so perhaps that would not have been so bad?! X-D Freda’s main concern was about getting a treat for being a brave girl!

Bert and Freda have some questions about microchipping from Blacks Vets on Vimeo.

horsesIn other news, we have made new friends and learned new tricks! Our friends have included Allan the gentlest Golden Retriever, Ed the talkative parrot, and loads of horses. Mom seems determined to tick off the entire animal kingdom on our meet-and-accept list before we are 16 weeks! Glad she was not allowed to take us with her to the safari park last weekend, else she would have introduced us to the dinosaurs too we think!




final 1 final 2

We have had outings on our own to get used to being without each other, and used to being home alone for short periods of time. Sometimes we go together though, and as the school run is too far to carry us comfortably, the old bike trailer has come out. Apparently our predecessors Duchas and Cara were towed in it when they got too old to keep up on family bike rides, and now we use it to meet our pubic before our vaccinations are fully working.

final 4 final 3

Our new tricks are:

  • Freda starting a howling match when she hears the squeaky toy
  • Barrelling through the cat flap at 90mph
  • Respecting Pudding the cat! In fact, she has been sunbathing in the garden just metres away from our wrestling ring. Instead of bothering her, we just worried about her not having suncream on her white ears!
  • Bert swimming in the water bowl

final 55We sneaked into the last 10 minutes of the Blacks puppy party last night. It was great to meet new friends, and see them grow in confidence while their humans learned about important things like nasty lungworm, and training tips. We got VIP (Very Important Puppy) status after the guests had gone and we think we quite like having the run of the hospital! Freda decided it was a good time to learn stairs, and sat half way up surveying Reception as Lady Muck!

Off to see what contraband we can find in the garden. Bet it will be better than any treat Mom has to offer to reward us for coming back to her call!

Love and licks

Bert and Freda



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