Protect My Pet Club protects your pet & your pocket with everyday preventative health care for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits.

When it comes to keeping pets healthy and happy, we know that regular, preventive care can make a real difference. That’s why at Blacks Vets, we want to empower pet owners to provide the very best care for their dogs, cats and rabbits with a cost effective programme that promotes the very best in animal well-being. 

Easy and free to join, Protect My Pet Club provides year round cover for common, preventable conditions. The programme includes regular boosters, treatments and health checks giving owners peace of mind that their pet is receiving the best proactive health care.

Save at least 50% with Insured Pets:

Pet Monthly Protection Save at least
Cat 8.99 £106.04
Dogs up to 25kg 9.99 £125.67
Dogs over 25kg 12.99 £125.80 Dogs over 40kg save £265.22
Rabbits 10.11 £113.84

Insured Protect My Pet Club Perks

30% discount Neutering for Dogs & Cats & Rabbits • 20% discount on Microchip • 20% discount on Dental Scale & Polish • 20% discount on Rabies Vaccination • 40% discount on Tick Prevention • 25% discount on Hill’s Vet Essentials and Prescription diets • Free nail clips with vet or nurse*

Save at least 30% with Non Insured Pets:

Pet Monthly Protection Save at least
Cat 10.99 £67.54
Dogs up to 25kg 12.49 £81.17
Dogs over 25kg 16.49 £69.30
Dogs over 40kg 22.99 Savings up to £145.22 (based on a 65kg dog)
Rabbits 12.49 £66.09

Non Insured Protect My Pet Club Perks

10% discount Neutering for Dogs & Cats & Rabbits 10% discount on Microchip 10% discount on Dental Scale & Polish 10% discount on Rabies Vaccination 20% discount on Tick Prevention  25% discount on Hill’s Vet Essentials and Prescription diets• Free nail clips with vet or nurse*

* Must be during annual vaccination appointment or 6 monthly nurse check.


  • Lungworm Prevention, a killer in dogs*
  • Full annual vaccination / boosters: Dogs: Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza and Kennel Cough**. Cats: Flu, Enteritis and Leukaemia. Rabbits: Myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2.
  • Flea control programme: All year round protection for cats and dogs.
  • Comprehensive worming programme: All year round proven effective programme, including Lungworm*, Roundworm, Tapeworm for cats and dogs.
  • Added parasite control programme: All year round including Ear Mites, Mange & Lice. Protection against Fly Strike for Rabbits.
  • TWO nose to tail health assessments per year: including Eyes, Ears, Abdomen, Teeth, Skin, Joints, Nails, Chip Test, Weight, Nutrition & Exercise Advice
  • Free nail clip during 6 monthly nurse & vet check
  • One additional free veterinary consultation***

*Angiostrongylus vasorum strain. MUST apply monthly to dogs. **Kennel cough included when administered within a booster consultation. ***Insured pets only. Half price for non-insured pets. Standard consultation hours only.

  • If your pet is currently under one years old, please consider their adult weight when signing up the plan. If you are unsure of the average adult weight for your dog’s breed, please take a look here for more information.
  • Please note, if you’re signing up to an insured plan, we require your insurance documents within one week. These can be brought into your local surgery or emailed to us to ensure you receive the fantastic benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you offer this at such a discount?

We bulk buy vaccinations, wormers and flea treatment and simply pass on the discounts to our Protect My Pet Club members. We want to offer affordable, preventative care – our mission is to make Black Country Pets the healthiest in the UK.

Why do the discounts vary by weight?

The type of protection required is determined by weight. Larger animals may require greater quantities.

Why is it cheaper for insured pets?

At Blacks Vets our mission is for Black Country Pets to be the HEALTHIEST in the UK. One of the ways we do this is to pass on discounts we received to our PMPC members. We also proactively subsidise clients who insure their pets by offering lower cost PMPC membership. WHY? We actively encourage insurance because we see the difference insurance makes every day to our clients being able to give the best care to their pet when they need it most. We never want our clients to face the anxiety caused by the worry of a poorly pet and at the same time have to consider facing the nancial consequences of having no insurance, which may have helped their pet to recover. We believe that if we subsidise our Protect My Pet Club it will help contribute to the cost of insuring your pet. Our clients can then use the money saved to put towards a good insurance policy. It’s one of the ways we support you and at the same time do our bit towards making Black Country pets the HEALTHIEST IN THE UK.

What is the minimum term?

Annual membership is the best value – if you drop out earlier you may have received preventative treatment that has not yet been funded and therefore may be chargeable.
Protect My Pet Club does not include primary vaccinations. Ask reception for further information. Please see Terms and Conditions.

Call your local branch or pop in and pick up a leaflet