Settling them in


These humans are coming along nicely. They are EASY to train! We have devised a range of commands. We sit, they understand and give us a treat. We give paw and they give treats too! Simples! They are slow to understand the wee and poo thing though… we perform on the kitchen floor, but they only pay up when we do it on the newspaper. They have a way to go before they understand! To successfully manipulate your human though, you need to be quiet, clean and dry all night…. They pay up every morning with delirious excitement, treats, and even allow face kisses! Bingo!

settlingWe are sorting things out between ourselves too. Freda is naturally very brave and a bit of a show off with everything from tricks to squeaky toys. Bert is the chewer and doesn’t like to be apart from his sister. We have two crates now, and have heard rumours about being split up soon. We like time apart if it is for 1:1 fun with the humans, so maybe sleeping apart won’t be too bad?

The cat Pudding is being fairly sociable. She likes us when we are sleepy, but makes a strange hissing sound when we are inviting her to play! She also has a superior smirk when she is allowed past the stair gate to the Secret Kingdom. We have our DAP hormone diffuser down here that smells like mum, and she has Feliway up there too. We think that is the reason why she is so chilled dude.

We love going outside! We take the smallest human to school every morning, and then patrol the park introducing ourselves to new friends, and getting used to all kinds of things on the way. The game of catching every single rain drop in our mouths was fun for a while, but the novelty wore off. We like our high vantage point, and don’t know what the humans mean about aching arms and wriggling puppies?! Cannot wait to get down and join in some good old bum sniffing! Hard to believe there are dangers down there on the pavement and in the park. Cannot see any grumpy cats, but apparently deadly diseases like parvo are masters of disguise.


Daddy gave us a spray up the nose. It tickled a bit and made us sneeze, but apparently it will help protect us from Kennel Cough. We’ve got no time for feeling poorly… there is too much fun to be had licking the dishwasher and trying to trip humans up! It is like a game of chicken… who can trip the human without being accidentally trodden on or kicked? We live on the wild side!


Need to go and have some beauty sleep now, so we can be ready to PAR-TAY tonight! We received an invitation to a Blacks Puppy Party. We will finally get to see where Dad and Mum disappear to for ‘work’, and most importantly, get to meet some other doggies and our adoring public!


Love and licks


Bert and Freda



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