Pet Passports

Please note: the following information, while accurate at the time of publication, may not be accurate after Brexit, particularly in a ‘no-deal’ situation. Please click the red link at the top or bottom of this page to find our latest guidance on pet travel to the EU after Brexit. 

We are happy to provide Pet Passports. If a UK resident wishes to take their pet on holiday within Europe (or other countries included within the scheme), the pet must have a Pet Passport.

This is a small blue booklet similar in size to our own passport, and contains pages where the details of microchip number, rabies vaccinations, blood tests and tick and worm treatments can be recorded. Not all the pages have to be completed for the passport to be valid. There is a page for the insertion of a photograph of the pet, but this is optional as the unique identification is achieved by the microchip.

Obtaining a Pet Passport

To obtain a passport, the pet must be:

  • At least 3 months of age
  • Permanently identified by implantation of a microchip (to the approved ISO Standard) under the skin
  • Vaccinated against rabies

3-week qualification period for rabies

Although the Pet Passport can be issued following the rabies vaccination, the UK require a further 3-week qualification period before the passport is valid for travel from or entry into the UK.

Additional requirements?

Dogs need to be treated between 24 – 120 hours before their entry to the UK with a specific tapeworm treatment. A registered veterinarian (within that country) must do this and certify the treatment has been given within the Pet Passport. Prior to 1st January 2012, a specific tick treatment was also required. Although this is no longer a legal requirement, it is strongly recommended that dogs be protected against ticks as a routine.

How long is the Passport valid?

Regular rabies boosters are required to keep the passport valid. The time interval depends on the specific vaccine used, but the vaccines we use last 3 years.  Some European countries demand annual rabies vaccination for pets resident in their country. You would need to check this if you intend to stay in a country for more than 3 months at a time.

The pet must come back into the UK through an approved route. This means for example that the pet cannot come back to the UK on a private boat or plane.

More help

If you are thinking of travelling abroad with your pet, there is lots of advice on the website.


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