MRI Scanning


  • We are proud that MRI scanning is available at our Dudley Hospital upon request. MRI is one of the most advanced diagnostic tools in Veterinary Medicine and is currently only available in two centres in the Midlands. Blacks Vets is the only centre locally which provides MRI with hospital facilities.

How does MRI work?

  • MRI uses powerful magnets to gain fantastic images of body parts that cannot be achieved by conventional methods. It can be extremely useful for patients with symptoms such as nosebleeds, fits, balance problems and in some lameness cases etc.

What are the benefits of Black’s having availability to MRI?

  • Having this facility available at our Dudley hospital means that worried owners no longer need to travel long distances with an ill pet to benefit from this service. With the back up of 6 certificate holders and hospital facilities, this means that in many cases MRI can be combined with a follow-up procedure (e.g. spinal surgery).

Do we accept referrals?

  • Yes! We accept MRI referrals from other Veterinary Practices so if you wish to make a referral for an MRI, please complete the attached referral form and book promptly as spaces are limited. Completed forms can be returned for the attention of Rachael Taylor along with the pet’s clinical history by fax, email or post.

Blacks Vets MRI Referral Request

F: 01384 211764

P: 01384 252509


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