Since April 2016 all dogs MUST be Microchipped AND correctly registered BY LAW

  • Microchipped but not sure if your details are correct? Check www.petlog.org.uk or call Petlog on 01296 336579
  • Not yet Microchipped?…Although the law only applies to dogs, we are extending our support to cats and rabbits too – we know how it feels to lose a pet and we want to help

It is very common for injured cats and dogs that have not managed to make their way home to be brought into one of our surgeries by good Samaritans.  Unless they are microchipped and registration details are up to date it can be very difficult to reunite them with their owners who are undoubtedly very upset to have lost them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When does the new law for Dogs start?

6 April 2016

What is the fine if my details are not up to date or my dog does not have a microchip?


How can owners / “keepers” check the details on their dog’s microchip are up to date?

Easy, online at www.petlog.org.uk place the pet’s microchip number in the ‘Look up a microchip’ field on the homepage and press go. If the microchip number is one that is registered with Petlog the keeper is then prompted to add their Petlog ID which is unique to the pet and can be found on their confirmation of registration. They can then check and print their details if they wish.  If the pet is not registered with Petlog the keeper will be prompted to contact the relevant database or the Petlog Customer Care Team on: 01296 336579.

My dog is microchipped / may be microchipped but I have lost the paperwork?

If a new keeper cannot obtain paperwork or has nothing to confirm that the pet belongs to them they should contact us on: 01296 336579 we will take the microchip number of the pet and their details, place them against the record requested for change as ‘pending’ whilst we check our records and verify that the change requested can take place. If you believe your pet is microchipped but you do not have the number or want to check the details, simply call into one of our branches and a member of our team can scan the chip for you. We can also then direct you to where to update the details if necessary.

Are Vets expected to enforce the law?

No. The law will be enforced by local authorities, police constables and community support officers.

What is the best phone number for owners to contact Pet Log with microchip queries?

Pet Log’s Customer Care Team are available for enquiries on www.petlog.org.uk or by telephone on: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm     01296 336579  option 3 Open 24/7 365 days a year    01296 336579  option 1 for lost pets, option 2 for found pets.

I have another question not listed here?

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