Dental Treatment

Good dental health is vital for your pets comfort and wellbeing. Over time tartar builds up on pets teeth and this serves as a hiding place for millions of bacteria which in turn cause infections in the gums and mouth generally. Also these bacteria can escape into the bloodstream through inflamed gum tissue to set up infections in other areas of the body.

At Blacks Vets we recognise the importance of good oral health and have invested heavily in equipment designed to keep your pet teeth and gums in optimum condition. This includes dedicated dental x ray facilities, air drills and polishers, ultrasound descalers and a wide range of hand tools. Dental check ups are carried out during routine checks and visits to our clinics but feel free to book a dental health check up if you wish. Prevention is of course better than cure and we recommend where possible that all pets would have their teeth brushed frequently with a suitable toothpaste. Please ask any staff member for advice on suitable and effective oral hygiene products.


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