Whether it’s your first visit to Black Vets in Lye Stourbridge, Oldbury, Sedgley and Quinton, or you’ve been here before your pet will need an initial consultation to establish whether there are any issues that need attention.

How long are your consultations?

Consultations are by appointment at 15 minute intervals through from Monday to Sunday.

Can I book a longer consultation appointment for my pet?

Blacks Vets offers double appointments for complex issues that may require a longer consultation. Contact us to book a double consultation.

Will I have to wait long?

It is usually possible to see all appointments either on time or at least within 10 minutes of the allotted time thereby reducing the stress of waiting for our pets.

Of course sometimes urgent cases need to be seen without appointments and we very much appreciate your patience when this causes your appointment to be delayed, but our dedicated Client and Pet Care Advisor’s will always keep you updated.

What do I do if I have an emergency outside of standard opening hours?

We pride ourselves on being able to operate our own Out of Hours service so, if you do ever need it, it will always be a Black’s veterinary surgeon that you will see. Please see more about our Out of Hours service here.

How do I book a consultation?

There are a variety of ways to arrange an appointment with one of our vets.

Unable to come to the practice?Online Video Consultations in Birmingham - Vet Services

If you’re unable to visit us in practice, we may be able to help remotely. We can offer a consultation by telephone and video. Your appointment will be with one of our highly qualified vets who will give you the same time and level of detail as you would expect in practice. In many cases we can make a diagnosis and prescribe medication if necessary. If we’re unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion by telephone and video then we may need to physically see your pet; either as an emergency or at a follow up appointment which we can book for you there and then. We also offer home visits, for more information click here.

Click here to find out about video consultations.


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