Playful Puppies


play1We have had a GREAT holiday! We have matured so much in a fortnight! When we arrived at the campsite, just a few days into being allowed out and about, we were still chewing the lead and our humans were scared to let us off it. Now we are walking well on the lead (when it suits us) and getting really good at coming back when called if we are free. (Freda is not so keen on coming back if there is sheep poo to eat, or children to play with!)

We love coming when called as it gets us a magic ‘click’ and a tasty treat. If we are really good walking to heel, we get a click and a squeeze of cream cheese from a tube! Mmmmm. We highly recommend clicker training your humans; and if you are very clever like us, you can even pretend to do a wee on command in order to try and get a click and treat!

We can certainly tick lots of animals off our countryside socialisation list. We have seen so many ducks, geese, sheep and cows that we now think they are more common than cars! We met a very friendly cat, who just makes us want to snuggle with elusive Pudding even more back at home.
play2 play3 play4

We have enjoyed paddling in a few rivers and lakes. We think we are missing a trick here, as our humans seem very pleased with our behaviour when we get out. Is there something we are supposed to do when we get out soaking wet? Need to consult an older dog in etiquette here. Think we are missing a trick? Don’t think it is just hogging the heating vent in the caravan later. Please send in your suggestions….

Our family have started to wonder if Bert can truly be a Hogan? Apparently no Hogan, human or pet, has been known not to eat everything in sight! Freda is following in Cara’s footsteps in speed eating, although has yet to master the Hoover Technique as she still bothers to chew. Bert on the other hand, is trying out a novel trick of “being fussy”. The best time to do this is definitely immediately after your family buys a huge sack of dog food. Freda is very good and does not eat Bert’s leftovers, but barks at the bowl, while creeping towards it on her belly!

play5 play6 play7

Freda continues to supplement her diet with daffodils, and Bert is opting for the early summer salad of choice… daisies! Freda did have a hilarious moment in a park when the lights were turned out… our family were too busy laughing to take a photo in time… apparently it was not a total eclipse, but a prawn cocktail crisp packet wedged over her head as she ran around frantically!!!

We are glad Dad has kept our parasite prevention up, as now we are out and about we are coming into contact with all sorts of nasties. It is so quick and easy to put a squeeze on the back of our neck, it could be easy to forget, so mum has downloaded an app to help her remember when it is due. Being itchy is one thing, but we are too busy having fun to have life threatening lungworm. Amazing that something so nasty can be prevented so easily. It is all part of our Pet Starter Package, and I reckon we will join the Blacks Healthy Pet Club too to make sure we stay fit and healthy.

We have enjoyed both high culture, and silliness on this holiday. From meeting Edward Elgar to playing in the playground, we have decided we love camping and cannot wait to go again!

Love and licks

Bert and Freda xx


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