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out n bout 1We are LOVING being out and about on the ground since our vaccinations are now working! We are still carried some of the time, as it is important not to over exercise our baby joints, but we are getting used to pavements, parks, and countryside; both on and off the lead.

We are enjoying our first holiday, camping, and have met cows, sheep and chickens. Dad says we should be calm confident and well behaved around these animals when we are older, as we are getting used to them now.

Freda is finding the main attraction of the countryside is the menu. Her recent foraged treat of choice has been cat poo, but now she is really enjoying the local speciality of dried cow pat. Mum has been getting us used to having our teeth cleaned so it is normal when we are older. We think it may also be to do with the diet and our attraction to licking her face?!?!

We had to be kept away while the human children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. We wanted to join in finding the delicious smelling treats, but apparently Dad is having a weekend off, and he doesn’t fancy us eating toxic chocolate. Hot cross buns have been off our menu too due to the toxic raisins. Naughty Freda has found a ‘salad’ alternative for Easter…. Biting the heads off and eating daffodils!!! It’s her fault we have been renamed Border TerrORISTS.

We are enjoying getting FILTHY in thick mud, and muddy puddles. As predicted, Bert is especially enjoying ‘swimming’ in the puddles!

out n about 2 out 4 out 3

Freda is getting too cunning by half! She has learned that stopping naughty behaviour gets her treats. In order to keep stopping though, she has to keep starting in the first place! Running off with contraband like pegs in order to get a treat for giving them back was too much effort; so Freda has perfected taking them away slowly, while looking over her shoulder waiting for the call back to hand it over and get a treat! These humans are EASY to train! Now she has stepped up to just taking the pegs one at a time and sitting with them in her mouth waiting for the treat. The humans’ll soon get it!

While out and about experiencing busy crowds we found a “well behaved dog park” that Mom said we did not qualify to use! No idea what she means.out 5

Off to perfect our innocent face and sad dog eyes.

Love and licks

Bert & Freda xx



  1. Ah, dogs and their fondness for finding poo! No matter where they are, they seem to find some!

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