Naughty Puppies


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We have been practicing our Muttley laugh here in the Hogan Border Terrorist house. We couldn’t have our humans thinking this puppy business was too easy… so have stepped up the mischief!

We have made quite a name for ourselves in the local park. We enjoy meeting our furry friends there every morning. We love rough and tumble, but have learned who likes to join in and who prefers to wag their tail and watch… with the exception of a couple of the big dogs who kindly indulged us when we were tiny, and are too polite to tell us to back off now we are bigger. Sorry Allan and Buster… good job you can run faster than us and can shake us off when we get too much!

Parks are a prime place where we can pick up kennel cough (not in kennels, as everyone who goes there is protected), so we are glad Dad has protected us from that. We have no time to slow down and be ill. Too much trouble out there to get into….

The BEST thing in the park is chewing ball throwers! Not sure why other dogs like to run after balls and bring them back, when the best bit is the long plastic arm held by the human! We run over and chew the end of any and every ball thrower we can. Preferably if held by a stranger who looks like they are in a hurry. They stand bemused with two border terriers hanging off the end like fish on a line, and mum gets REALLY embarrassed!

Bert wins the embarrassment game though. His favourite pastime is playing tug of war – especially on our leads if mum stops to talk to someone on route and we get bored. Freda dared him to play tug of war on another dog’s lead… so he did! Even better he ran to the other side of the park to do it, and dragged the other dog around on the lead growling loudly. Hilarious! Should have seen Mum run!

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Freda is no angel either. She has been perfecting her squirrel impression and trying to climb the bird feeder.  Dried dead frogs in the local park are also a favourite delicacy of hers, if she cannot get hold of any horse or sheep poo. Luckily this always reminds Mum to clean our teeth and we LOVE the doggy toothpaste, so the manipulation game is going well.

Crunchy and chewy food is good for our teeth apparently. Bert just thinks it is fun and loves to ‘kill’ his carrots first. Freda has a different technique….

Carrots. How do you kill yours? from Blacks Vets on Vimeo.

Countryside walks have been good fun. We have had a few warm days and have to remind mum not to over walk our young joints, and that we get hot and thirsty. We recommend Bert’s technique to slow down your humans…. Run in front of them and lie down half a step before them. They way, when they fall you are too close for them to land on you, and while they dust themselves off you can pick up the dog treats they drop. Simples.

We have been on the look-out for adders on warmer days. A friend of ours, Nushka, was bitten by an adder on Kinver when she was a pup, so mum is careful when we are on pathways near long grass or woodland on sunny days. A bite would mean an emergency trip to the vet for anti-venom. How cool! Risk taking teenage behaviour rules! [Ed note – not funny puppies]

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On a recent trip to Hartlebury Common we worked on our digging technique. An excellent sandy soil to practice on so we can destroy the naugh 8
rest of our garden with expertise. We have been told we have a lot to live up to after our predecessors Duchas and Cara (and mum STILL calls us those names by mistake all the time!) While at Hartlebury with our family we had fun posing recreating a photo from 2004. (Hint… We think our big bro has changed a bit, we have not shrunk!!)

Off to destroy some toys.

Love and licks

Bert and Freda xx

p.s. Ball? What ball?

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