Like we have always been here


Hello Everyone! Bert and Freda here, on a rare break between running around like lunatics and sleeping! It feels like we have always been Blacks pets and living with our family. In 10 days we have really settled in… and grown loads in size and confidence.

woman 2 dogsThe highlight of the past few days has definitely been the Blacks Puppy Party. We were a little hesitant at first, but after a few minutes we were in the thick of it. Freda schmoozed with the humans, while Bert decided to run around barking inviting EVERYDOGGY to play! It really helped our confidence, and we heard lots of owners and nurses discussing how best to look after us and our friends too. We love going to Blacks, and now we have had a good play there we know we won’t be so scared if we ever have to go there feeling poorly.



We have had some doggy visitors at home too, to make sure we don’t get too territorial. Puppy Willa was a bundle of fun, if a bit too easy for Bert to boss around. Millie the Golden Retriever thought that our house was exclusively her holiday home, so she was not so pleased to see us! Millie refused to eyeball us for hours, instead stole hugs from OUR family without acknowledging us! Later she tried teaching us doggy body language for ‘go away and leave me alone’ and added a few growls too. Not sure about those, but hopefully it will help us not be overconfident with other doggies in the future!

chainsaw dog

We are getting used to things that some dogs think are scary while we are young. Mum says that if we are introduced to things calmly before 16 weeks, then when we are older we will take them in our stride. We are certainly used to traffic and crowds of children outside school! Loud noises do not scare us, as Freda tried to point out by running towards a loud dangerous chainsaw in the garden! Haha, keeps our family on their toes!


Apparently some of the most dangerous things do not make a noise at all. We have enjoyed exploring the garden, and play the ‘carry a snail around’ game. Thank heavens we are protected against lungworm with Advocate. Slugs and snails can carry the parasite, and another Blacks pet JB recently was very very ill from it. Not all wormers cover against lungworm, so we are glad we have the right one. Thanks for keeping us safe Blacks!

Right, check in with you soon. Off to play our favourite game…. ‘kill the slice of carrot’. They have minds of their own you know, raw carrots, and must be chased around the kitchen and barked at before eaten….

Love and licks

Bert and Freda xx


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