Growing Up


We are 15 weeks old now, and nearing the end of our ‘magic window of socialisation’. Mom has had her tick list out of all the things shegrow1 hopes to get us used to while we are young. If she starts chasing policeman to introduce to us, or playing loud CDs of firework noises don’t blame us! Mum has found some great free sound effects for helping dogs prevent or treat fears.

We have been good puppies and helped with the list. We noticed ‘hairdryer’ on there, so Freda fell in the canal. She was dry by the time we got home, so Bert did the honourable thing and rolled in fox poo…. Just so she could tick off ‘hairdyer’ after our shower! You are welcome.

Talking of noises, we are getting a BIT smart. Maybe not smart enough. Last week the doorbell went and Freda knew it meant visitors to welcome… so she ran to wait at the bathroom door! She also runs to the hall when she hears a phone ring and “hello”!

In our socialisation we have been taken to farmyards, parks, playgrounds, busy streets etc, and introduced to all kinds of things to make sure we are not scared when we meet them for the first time when we are older… bin lorries, motorbike helmets, pushchairs etc etc. Imagine our surprise then when a MONSTER squeaked into life in our kitchen. It was new and terrifying! Apparently most puppies have met an ironing board well before now, so we don’t know what that says about our family? However, we are well acquainted with, and will never be scared of, towering piles of laundry….

grow2 grow3 grow4

We had a bit of a shock one morning. After the ‘salad’ of daffodils, we were starting to enjoy the garden salad of choice for every young pup… daisies. However, no flowers were to be seen under a freezing cold blanket of white. We were not terribly impressed to be honest. It didn’t taste as good as it looked, and it was so cold to sit in to pose for a photo, Bert sat giving his paw to be allowed back up!

Shredding has remained a favourite activity of ours. Toilet rolls have been a recent addition to the repertoire, and Freda considered shredding the Stourbridge Chronicle when she saw Bert in it again celebrating Blacks Vets Best UK Vet success! She has decided just to be proud and reassured she is in safe hands instead!

We enjoy using our wobbler toy, and have our own duo technique…. Freda does all the hard work, and Bert watches to hoover up the treats! Works every time!

Off to shred some more cardboard boxes and play with more toys…. Hard work… yawwwn… this is you know… may have to…. yawwwwn… grow5fall asleep in the toy box again!

Love and Licks

Bert and Freda



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