Our First Christmas

“So here is it… MERRY CHRISTMAS!” This whole wintertime festival business is brilliant! We are enjoying the excitement, cold walkies (we enjoy the wet ones too, but our humans are not so keen), unusual activity… and tempting smells!

Festive Fun

Our fellow Blacks pets have been getting into the spirit, donning their Christmas outfits, and trying to win fab prizes on Blacks Facebook for themselves and their families. Take a look and join in! We thought us Border Terriers were far too cool to take part in such frivolity… apparently not!

Christmas Cone of ShameYou may remember that Freda is partial to a tasty rabbit when she can catch them. Our boring (ahem, animal loving) humans have been thwarting her adventures into rabbit burrows, by making Freda wear a Cone of Shame when on walkies… she cannot fit down a burrow with it on!

For extra festive spirit they have jazzed up her cone… and Freda does not mind one bit! The cone means walkies and she willingly pops her head in with excitement. Freda seems to think the fairy lights are in fact miner’s lamps to help her excavate rabbits??


Bert can be a worrier, and Freda is the family Stunt Dog, so Bert has been taking the lead (geddit?!) on winter safety. We read vet Bart Nietrzeba’s article in Your Lifestyle Magazine about Christmas treats that may harm us.

Season’s Greediness

Lots of dogs come to Blacks this time of year, having snaffled the advent calendars or sniffed out chocolates under the tree. Chocolate is poisonous to us dogs, so we have our own doggy advent calendar that is kept safe… too high EVEN for Freda to reach! It is hard to predict how much chocolate any dog can tolerate, while some have been lucky, never rely on the dice roll, and ALWAYS call the vet if your dog has eaten chocolate.

chocolate danger to dogsDog Advent Caendar

Grapes and raisins are very dangerous to dogs, so we have to stay away from those delicious smelling mince pies, Christmas puddings, and Christmas cake. (Not much chance of fresh grapes around here.. most are fermented and we are REALLY not allowed that!) Even the low sugar treats under the tree can be fatal, as xylitol used in some sugar free sweets and treats is very poisonous to us.

On the lookout for the more exotic ways to get harmed, we have tried eating poinsettia (too high, huff), and the car antifreeze is locked safely in the garage so no luck there. We have heard from the cats in the garden that antifreeze, strangely, tastes amazingly sweet (eurgh, why would they try it and know?!) but is HIGHLY TOXIC. Please please please be careful when topping up your car this time of year.

Christmas puppies


In the deep mid winter

Talking of other pets, please don’t forget your small hutch bound pets this winter. The temperature is up and down, with some balmy days that don’t feel cold at all, but some days when rabbit and guinea pig bottles would definitely be frozen. PLEASE check on your furry friends daily. They would almost certainly benefit from extra bedding and being moved inside, or covered well, to keep warm.

All night vigil

So far the only wrapped present we have managed to destroy is a t-shirt…. We are on a mission to try and test out the 24/7 care at Blacks Vets! Did you know, that the Veterinary Hospital is manned by their own lovely vet and nurse team 24 hours a day? Not all ‘hospitals’ are Royal College accredited “Veterinary Hospital”s. Many non Blacks pets have to be transferred from vet to vet morning and night if they need a hospital stay, but should Freda manage to harm herself over Christmas (despite Bert’s care) she will be in the best of hands.

Hmm… that’s us safe this side of Christmas. Perhaps afterwards we should try choking on the turkey carcass or getting scared by the New Year fireworks instead?! Bah! We were well prepared before Bonfire Night for that, so should be chilled this time around too. Read our tips in case New Year’s Eve makes your pet quiver.

Elfy Pet Club

Elfy Pet ClubFinally, with all the seasonal excitement, please don’t forget our routine preventative healthcare. Make sure you remember to apply our flea mite and worm treatment (fleas love central heating). Maybe for the pet in your life who turns your house into a home, you can give them up to 40% off their preventative healthcare needs, by giving them the gift of joining the Blacks Pet Health for Life Plan! ?

Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas

Love and Licks

Bert and Freda xx


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