Don’t bark at Buddha


BUD 1We have had a fantastic holiday! Our introduction to beaches was great fun! We didn’t manage to eat ALL the sand, but have left a little bit for you to enjoy next time you go. We didn’t need Pet Passports to go to sunny Wales, but Dad said to warn you to plan early if you are going abroad, as there is a 3 week qualification period for your rabies vaccination.

We have reached the grand age of 5 months old. Mom is sentimental and doesn’t like giving our age in months not weeks now! As we are so grown up we had our Parvovirus booster before going on holiday. It may be easy to forget that one – after the initial jabs and us pups are allowed out and about, some families think yearly is fine, but parvo needs a sneaky extra one at 5 months!

There were lots of interesting things to investigate and eat on the beach, and we kept the family on their toes by eating tasty dead crabs and playing chicken to see who could get closest to the jellyfish tentacles without being stung or grabbed by a human. Freda even played King of the Castle on the jellyfish for a while until she was seen! We did not raid one picnic, destroy a single sandcastle, and only licked the face of one sleeping sunbather. Very restrained. In the middle of the day it was too hot for us on the beach, so we retreated to a cave or a handy sand bunker created by our littlest humans. Bert in particular likes cooling off in any stream, pond, or sea, he can find.

bud 2 bud 3 bud 4

We were lucky that our car journeys were air conditioned and short, or with plenty of breaks and drinks. Not all pups are so lucky this time of year. It is really important never ever to leave us in a car on a warm day – it does not even have to be sunny, just warm, and the temperature in the car rockets in minutes.

bud 5 bud 6 bud 7

Apart from the seaside, we had plenty of countryside walks. We loved hide and seek in a couple of castles, and helped the littlest humans sniff out their sibling. We sniffed out a fantastic throne too, and reckon we look rather good in it! One of our favourite daytrips included every young pup’s dream… to be an engine driver!

On one walk on the campsite, Freda very courageously confronted a scary silent stranger. Mum encouraged us to investigate it and despite it smelling very much like a concrete garden statue neither of us were convinced, and Mum was heard to shout “Don’t bark at Buddha”!!!

bud 8 bud 9 bud 10

Enjoy the warm weather puppy lovers! Remember to take your pooches out first thing in the morning or late in the evening if you can, tobud 11 avoid the heat of the day. Check those pavements are not too hot for our paws. We did meet a German Shepherd friend on holiday who taught us to eat ice cream if you are hot! We prefer the healthy option though, so if all else fails and you need to cool off, you can always try carrot bobbing….!


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