Day -1


Helloo!! We are, um, cannot tell you our names yet as we do not know! We are “Hogan Boy” and “Hogan Girl” until further notice, and we will be joining our new family TOMORROW!

We are very excited to be moving in with Blacks Vet Clinical Director Brian Hogan and his family. They are long term Border Terrier lovers, and we have a lot to live up to after their beloved Duchas and Cara both went to Rainbow Bridge in 2014. The family are now ready for more fur babies, and we won the jackpot! A fab new family, and the “Best UK Vet” Blacks Vets to look after our health. What more could we want?!

These photos are of us at 5 weeks old. We have grown loads in 3 weeks and hope to show that off in front of the camera very soon!

Puppy Puppy

You would think that 3 weeks was long enough for our family to choose our names, but apparently family democracy is a lengthy business. We think our new mum should just be a dictator and choose our names, but we would say that when she is the one with the power to put our thoughts into human words for Facebook.

We will share our journey with you here and on Blacks social media, and hope you enjoy following our progress.

CatOur family have been hard at work ready for us apparently. Pudding the cat has been introduced to our new crate, and apparently likes to sleep in it herself! We will see about that! We hear that she is more than able to look after herself around dogs, and will put us in our place. We will let you know how the power struggle / love-in goes!

Our family know it is important that we get to experience as many different things as possible before we are 16 weeks old. Up to 16 weeks is a “golden window of opportunity” to get us used to almost anything apparently. They think they have a definitive list of all the things to expose us to in this magical window, before we grow up and get scared or make bad habits. Haha! We will show them! They are BOUND to forget something, and we will have them wrapped around our little paws in some way they have not dreamed of yet!

PuppiesLast night with our siblings and our lovely Mum Zola tonight. We will move with happy memories tomorrow, and will keep in touch.

Look forward to letting you know how it all goes soon… and REALLY looking forward to our first Puppy Party at Blacks award winning Veterinary Hospital next week!

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