All the fun of the fair


fair 1Hello! 17 week old Bert and Freda here. We are getting so old now we are going to have to start measuring our age in months not weeks soon. We thought that with an 11 year old and a 13 year old human in the house there was just not enough hormones and teenage attitude around, so we decided to join in! We are definitely maturing now and trying new tricks like weeing everywhere other dogs have been. Great fun!

We have been enjoying the brief snaps of spring weather between the arctic blasts of snow and hail. As Freda’s favourite salad of daffodils is disappearing, Bert is favouring cherry blossom! We don’t like eating bluebells, but are rather good at posing for photos sitting among them. Freda has been ‘helping’ in the garden to grow our next foraged feast. Well, that’s what we tell Dad when she runs off with the watering can anyway.

fair 2 fair 3 fair 4

Mom shed a tear last week. Clever Freda got very good at taking both of our collars off. A bit dangerous when we are on the lead near roads. Our puppy collars were getting small though, and on their last size setting, so we got to go to the pet shop to choose new ones! While Mom is sentimental about keeping our puppy collars, Freda was horrified to meet another dog wearing the same collar as her! No girl wants to go to a party (OK, on walkies) to find another girl in the same collar! Pretty cool that the other dog was a St.Bernard though… her attitude was almost as big as Freda’s!

fair 5 fair 6 fair 7

We took our feline friend Pudding to the officially Cat Friendly branch of Blacks in Lye. Pudding sat in the Cat Only part of the waiting room while we helped answer the phone behind reception! Pudding is a bit of a… well, pudding, but she had done well for her weigh in and check-up as part of her Healthy Pet Club membership. Not only is the Lye surgery headed by cat crazy Liz and is officially recognised as Cat Friendly, but it won Silver in the Best UK Vet competition, based on reviews left by clients. We can see why, as we certainly didn’t want to leave!

fair 8 fair 9 fair 10

We have enjoyed the May Bank Holiday weekend with a mix of traditional passtimes… the country walks, funfairs, and snoozing in the pub over a pint! We were really good walking around the fair. There were bright lights, noisy generators, crowds, and enticing smells. Our humans were really proud of our behaviour. It is important apparently, that we are exposed to these environments while we are young, to prevent us getting anxious in similar situations in the future. We think it is essential they keep bringing us, as who else would hoover the chips up off the pavement? It’s a vital public service. We took a selfie of us at the fair. Can you spot our humans in the background?!

fair 11 fair 12

Love and licks,

Bert and Freda



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