Puppy Parties

Fun for you and your puppy

Here at Blacks Vets one of the great fun parts of being a nurse is holding puppy parties.

The puppies just love meeting other pups; having rough and tumble games and giving vent to their high spirits. However, it is also a very important part of their development and socialisation. Learning to play with other dogs at this age means they will interact better when they meet dogs later in the park or on the streets.

The period up to sixteen weeks is a vital time for puppies to learn these social skills which will make them happier, more confident and outgoing and hopefully give them a happier life.

Another benefit of the parties is the pups get used to coming to the vets under happy circumstances, so when they come later for vaccinations or treatment, they are more relaxed and unstressed by their visit.

During the party nurses discuss some important topics like neutering, microchipping, insurance, dental care, worming and flea control, our money saving Healthy Pet Club and of course it will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about looking after your new friend!

Whether you have had dogs before or have just had your first puppy, it is well worth coming along, but places are limited so do book early. If you would like to discuss puppy parties or find out more, just ask any member of the team.

On completion of the course your puppy will receive a graduation certificate, goody bag of treats including a toy and lots of valuable information.

If you are interested in joining one of our parties check out our Whats On page for the calendar of events to book on. Please check eligibility before booking.

Help your puppy with essential socialisation! Click here to download our helpful checklist.


Fun for you and your puppy

Please check eligibility before booking